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L10n - Localisation

Internet and e-Commerce Consultant

To complete my training in web design, I chose this course that allowed me to better understand how business moves on the net. It is not enough to know how to program and design for the web; it is crucial to identify potential markets for a certain product.

It was a six month online course mainly focused on successful online business creation. Although at first sight it might seem that there's little relation between e-commerce and localisation, it would help to remember that part of the actual adaptation of a product consists in identifying market differences.

In the end, this course helped me to improve my skills as web designer by making me aware of market issues. I learned what to expect from users and how to address clients' needs. This knowledge has been extremely useful when assisting in web adaptation to foreign markets.


Main topics covered

- Network configuration
- Business models
- Site promotion on the Internet
- Designing a website with attractive features
- e-Commerce techniques
- Building an integrated services Internet site


- IT management
- Corporate network architecture
- Web services and webmaster administration
- Commercial website design
- e-Commerce
- Integrated services websites

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