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The localisation industry is constantly changing, moving and using the latest technologies to provide cheaper, faster and better services. New file formats, platforms and associated procedures can let you out of the loop in a few months. It is vital for professionals on this field to stay updated. Professional development courses ensure you remain on edge and are able to implement the best processes.

On the past few years, I have chosen specific professional courses on topics that I find interesting such as localisation engineering, web development, QA and testing and CAT tools. Find more details about these courses below.




Localisation engineering
Limerick, February 2002 - 16 hours

An introduction to Localisation Engineering using Alchemy Catalyst case studies. Certified Alchemy Catalyst User - advanced level. Delivered by Alchemy Software Development.
Organised by the LRC.

  Localisation project management
Limerick, February 2002 - 16 hours

A guide to project management in localisation, guiding towards getting the desired results and setting up and managing projects well. Delivered by Tom Connolly.
Organised by the LRC.

5 Step Model to Localising Software Applications

- Preparation of files for translation
- Leveraging from previous translations
- Translation of projects in catalyst
- Update management
- Post-translation tasks

Alchemy Catalyst advanced training course

- A quick tour of xml

· Preparing xml files for translation
· Xml methods
· The xml editors
· Import xml translations
· Encoding in xml
· Validate expert
· Other experts

- Catalyst text file parsing
- Advanced Leveraging options (ezMatch technology)
- Using Filters
- Setting advanced general options
- Extracting glossaries
- Quickship expert
- Language support in Alchemy Catalyst
- Catalyst command line processing (EzScript)


Setting up

- Mission.
- Process and tools.
- Testing.
- Contingency.
- Budget.
- Planning/scheduling methodology.


- Knowing your team.
- How work gets done.
- Localisation as a process.
- Localisation as a group of projects.


- Basics of communication.
- Tools used today.
- Communication within team.
- Communication outside team.

What if?

- Re-planning.
- Responding to new requests.
- Adding new projects.
- Re-budgeting.



Localisation Translation and Documentation Engineering
Limerick, February 2002 - 16 hours

An introduction to Localisation Translation and Documentation Engineering using TRADOS case studies. Certified TRADOS User - advanced level. Delivered by Trados.
Organised by the LRC.

  Localisation QA and Testing
Limerick, February 2002 - 24 hours

An introduction to Localisation QA and Test Automation Engineering using SilkTest case studies. Automated software test developers for localised application testing. Delivered by Quality Automation Ireland.
Organised by the LRC.

Hands-on course on:

- WinAlign
- ExtraTerm
- MultiTerm
- Workbench
- TagEditor
- T-Window Collection


Programme outline

- SilkTest object recognition
- Capturing a test frame and window declarations
- Adding to the test frame
- Recording and running testcases
- Development of Close and Invoke methods
- QA's methodology for automated localisation testing
- UI test plug-in for SilkTest
- Development of language independent testcases



Professional web development with Dreamweaver MX
Barcelona, May 2003 - 35 hours

An introduction to professional web design and development using Dreamweaver MX.
Delivered by Certified Macromedia Trainer.

  Server and database technologies using Dreamweaver MX 2004
Barcelona, September 2004 - 70 hours

Advanced course on server technologies and database implementation for website development. Delivered by Aula Crea - Macromedia Authorized Training Partner.

Programme outline

- Designing for the World Wide Web
- Website construction
- Visual aspect of web pages: html and css
- Content management: xml
- Components required for creating and publishing a website.
- Data access architecture
- Web promotion
- Security on the Net
- Practical case studies



Programme outline

- Introduction to server technologies
- The ODBC protocol
- Database access
- Dynamic content preview
- Handling recordsets
- User access management
- MS Access applied to websites
- Developing dynamic websites using ASP and PHP
- Forms with ASP
- Persistent information storage: cookies
- Database access using SQL

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