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B.A. in Translation and Interpreting

Sci-tech translator - English/German/Italian > Spanish

My mother tongue is Spanish and on my first year, I chose the language combinations above. I had studied English since I was the age of 12 and to me this language has always been a very useful and easy to learn. Besides, a great deal of the European translation market is in English.

Degree certificate

My choice for German was inspired on the strong belief that business and technology will slowly move to German as a strong part in European commerce. Also, this is a language that always fascinated me for its reputation as a difficult language to learn, which motivated me even more.

As for Italian, for a long time, I had been willing to learn this language. In fact, I had the chance to improve my proficiency very quickly, thanks to native speakers I met.

For the second year of my degree I was granted an academic external placement at Anglia Polytechnic University, in Cambridge (UK). This experience allowed me to better understand the culture and get a true intensive course on my language skills.

This is a summary of the main modules I took over the four year programme.


First year - University of Granada - Spanish language analysis
- Advanced English language and grammar
- German language and grammar (level 1)
- Italian language and grammar (level 1)
- United Kingdom and United States history and culture
- Computing

Second year - Anglia Polytechnic University - Advanced English language and grammar
- General translation English>Spanish
- General translation Spanish>English
- German language and grammar (level 2)
- German history and culture
- Italian language and grammar (level 2)

Third year -University of Granada - Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
- Specialised translation English>Spanish
   (scientific, technical, legal and commercial)
- Specialised translation Spanish>English
   (scientific, technical, legal and commercial)
- German language and grammar (level 3)
- General translation German>Spanish
- Computing applied to translation

Fourth year - University of Granada - Sci-tech specialised translation English>Spanish
- Sci-tech specialised translation Spanish>English
- Sci-tech specialised translation German >Spanish
- Localisation and IT translation
- Italian language and grammar (level 3)
- General translation Italian >Spanish





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