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Tips for creating your own site

If you are considering creating your own website, there are three pieces you will need to put together:

  1. A webhosting server: This is where you will be storing the files for your website and email accounts. You want it to be accessible 24/7, so a webhosting solution is required. Some Internet service providers offer free webhosting space, however these usually lack a good support service, so I would recommend using a webhosting provider.
  2. Your domain: You can always use a free domain followed by your name like <>. However, a custom domain name is easier to remember and gives a better and professional impression. You can register your own domain for less than 10$/year.
  3. The time to build the contents and structure: Forget about 1, 2, 3... done. It will take you several days to put together contents and design. First, sit down in front of a piece of paper and put together ideas on what you want to publish. Create a small sitemap and write some contents for each section. If you don't feel confortable building the site yourself, get help, but it's important that you are in charge of compiling the content.

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