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Localisation links

This is a selection of links related to localisation, from general information to services, publications and resources.


General information

The Localisation Research Centre - The Localisation Research Centre (LRC) provides a comprehensive information service to the industry; conducts research and development in localisation and related areas, such as language engineering; organises regular conferences and meetings; produces a range of publications including Localisation Focus; and oversees a number of education and training programs.

TILP - The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) has the primary aim to develop professional practices in localisation globally. TILP is a non-profit organisation, owned by its members and lead by a Council elected at its Annual General Meeting. TILP represents the localisation industry professionals and professionals active in localisation related areas.

Elect Online - The ELECT project was founded with the intention of becoming the focus point for multilingual and multicultural digital content development and publishing. It will provide reliable information on best practice, facilitate easy access to know-how and technology, make available guidelines on linguistic and cultural customisation of digital material, and enhance the visibility and recognition of the eLocalisation and eContent industries in Europe and world-wide.

LISA - Founded in 1990, LISA is the premier non-profit organization for the GILT (Globalisation, Internationalisation, Localisation, and Translation) business community. Over 400 leading IT manufacturers and services providers, along with industry professionals representing corporations with an international business focus, have helped establish LISA's best practice guidelines and language-technology standards for enterprise globalisation. It's the organisation to join when you are serious about international business.

GALA - The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a fully representative, non-profit, international industry association for the translation, internationalization, localization and globalization industry. The association gives members a common forum to discuss issues, create innovative solutions, promote the industry, and present a joint - and more powerful - voice within the industry and to the outside community.



Graduate diploma/Msc. in software localisation - The course is designed to provide a graduate having no special computing expertise with the skills needed to work in the software localisation sector. The student is given a thorough grounding in those aspects of computing which impinge on the localisation process. At the same time, the latest ideas prevalent in the industry - such as the use of machine assisted translation engines and specialised localisation tools - are covered in detail.



LRC - Localisation Research Centre. The information, educational, and research centre for the localisation community. Established in 1995 at University College Dublin under the Irish Government and European Union funded Technologies Centres programme.

PETRA - PETRA Research Group was founded in 2001. It aims to contribute to track the behavior of subjects when translating and to cross-reference it with their products. We also focus on the influence of the working environment and tools on the process of translating.



Algo más que traducir - Personal blog of Pablo Muñoz with information and resources for translation professionals. In Spanish.


Localisation services - colleagues

Marta Rodriguez - Professional localisation services English>Spanish. Areas of expertise: multimedia, videogames, subtitling, marketing and IT.

Francisco Pérez - Legal sworn translator. Chinese/English/French/Italian > Spanish.

Daniel Martín - Localisation specialist. Legal sworn translator and interpreter. English >Spanish.


Localisation jobs

Localization Works - An excellent directory for jobs related to localisation.

Larsen G11n - Recruitment company specialised in localisation.


Industry publications

Multilingual - The printed magazine MultiLingual Computing & Technology is the flagship product of MultiLingual Computing. Originating as a buyer's guide in 1987, the magazine is mailed nine times a year (eight issues plus an annual resource directory/index) to readers in 59 countries. Topics covered range from technical internationalisation to project management to language histories. Also, reviews for new products and books can be found, together with the latest news and opinions. - Web site supporting the printed publication A Practical Guide to Localization by Bert Esselink, where you will find information about all aspects of professional software and web localisation, including extracts from the book, additions and updates.

Localisation Focus - the Localisation Research Centre's (LRC) quarterly newsletter. The LRC is based at and owned by the University of Limerick. The LRC's newsletter is edited by the Centre's director, Reinhard Schäler. It is distributed world-wide to approximately 2,500 localisation professionals, including engineers, managers, trainers, linguists, researchers and companies.



Internationalization guy - This web site is about cultural differences, internationalisation (i18n), localisation (l10n), globalisation (g11n), translation and software engineering. Pages are added and updated frequently.

Internationalization Gurus - Open directory of links to internationalisation (i18n) resources and related material.

W3Schools - At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, XSL, Multimedia and WAP.

Trados users distribution list on Yahoo! - A forum for users of Trados Workbench and other Trados products (MultiTerm, WinAlign, etc.). A place to discuss your experiences with TW and to request help with any problems you may encounter. An extremely useful resource for newbies and experts.

MetaTexis users distribution list on Yahoo! - Mailing list for MetaTexis users. The developer of the program personally answers your questions.




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