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  Aitor Medrano
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Freelance translator


I started as a freelance translator while I was still studying my Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Soon, my interest for technical translation led me to localisation. For some time, I worked for a multimedia localisation company as a freelance translator, mainly working on videogames, websites and online documentation.

As a freelance translator, I have also been part of the translation team of the UNESCO Encyclopaedia of Humanity. For over a year, I dealt with a number of chapters on different topics and historic periods.

I am a strong supporter of freeware and usefull applications developed by small companies struggling to get in the market. This is why I started to get in touch with developers to collaborate in the localisation of their products into Spanish. MetaTexis is a good example of this policy. I have provided the translation of the software interface and website for this new CAT tool.

Relevant Translation Experience

- Translator and reviewer of videogame components: software, audio scripts, manuals and packaging
- Translator and reviewer of websites and online documentation related to the videogame industry: release and press notes, game reviews and marketing material
- Translator of the CAT tool MetaTexis: software and website
- Translator of kiln-formed glass books and documentation
- Translator into neutral Spanish of articles from volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 of the UNESCO Encyclopaedia of Humanity. Topics covered: Asia, Oceania and south-eastern Europe from III b.C. to 1400 a.C.

 Localisation Training Professional Experience  

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