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  Aitor Medrano
L10n - Localisation

Localisation Consultant

For over four years now, I have been analysing current localisation processes, establishing which specific technologies to apply in each case in order to improve efficiency. I have presented solutions in a range of formats and for different purposes, written and oral, to clients and work colleagues. In addition, I have designed the implementation and rollout of company workflows for existing clients.

This job requires analytical skills in the context of localisation processes, knowledge of technology and localisation methodology and the ability to communicate solutions both to clients and internal staff at all levels, i.e. the ability to identify and present ROI or translation advantages.

Main Duties

- Analysing and understanding client issues with a view to proposing product solutions to meet client needs
- Working closely with Sales, Project Management and Development to formulate solutions
- Developing proposals
- Employing strong project management skills to plan implementation and rollout of solutions
- Identifying sales opportunities
- Evaluating potential clients
- Assisting in sales of services and products
- Improving efficiency of internal product solutions
- Helping to improve the profile of company products with new and existing clients

Skills and Experience

- Broad knowledge of all aspects of the localisation process
- Excellent problem solving skills
- Ability to analyse and understand client issues and propose solutions to meet client needs
- Proactive approach to understanding needs in the project management process
- Project scheduling, planning, tracking and status reporting
- Effective interaction with the Project Management department
- Effective interaction with the Sales department
- Effective interaction with the Product Development department
- Ability to communicate and sell solutions to the client

 Professional Experience Localisation Engineer  

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