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  Aitor Medrano
L10n - Localisation

Localisation Engineer

Engineering is a crucial piece in the localisation puzzle. A successful workflow relies on state-of-the-art technologies to provide the most efficient way of processing localisable elements. Tasks such as analysing complex material, preparing translation kits, providing support to translators and compiling final files are part of my job as an engineer.

Main Duties

- Addressing internationalisation issues on received material
- Identifying any missing files required for the localisation process
- Isolating translatable elements on software, documentation, websites and multimedia products
- Evaluating translatable text to generate wordcounts using CAT technology
- Producing translation kits with relevant files and precise instructions
- Research the latest technologies available for existing workflows, assessing and implementing them if required
- Producing accurate localisation reports, including schedule and resources needed
- Compiling online help systems
- Communicating with IT, sales and project management departments to ensure seamless information exchange throughout the whole process
- Generating post-mortem reports to improve engineering-related aspects of the process

Skills and Experience

- A deep understanding of all stages and implications of the localisation process
- A sound knowledge of software applications and technologies used in the localisation industry
- Excellent communication and problem solving skills
- Great attention to detail
- Being able to find and use the most efficient features in each software package

 Localisation Consultant CAT Specialist  

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