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  Aitor Medrano
L10n - Localisation

Website Design and Management

New business models have grown thanks to the new marketing platform: the Internet. Since the number of web-based projects is increasing, a deep knowledge about how websites are built becomes crucial for people working in localisation.

Also, the web is a valuable platform to store and present internal resources, for instance by means of an Intranet. I am responsible for the company's internal resources website, designing, creating and managing useful resources that improve internal communication and make information exchange more convenient and accessible.

Combining my experience with CAT tools, training and web development, I designed and implemented an online introduction course for Trados users. The course includes four modules with assignments and a final exam.

Main Duties

- Designing, implementing and managing the company's Intranet - an internal resources website
- Progressive implementation of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to existing sections
- Designing and managing the Trados online introduction course
- Identifying business opportunities via web and presenting an implementation plan

Skills and Experience

- A solid knowledge of HTML, XML and web programming languages: Javascript, VBScript, ASP and PHP
- Proved skills in web development software such as Dreamweaver
- A good knowledge of web and graphic design

 CAT Specialist Localisation Training 

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