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During my translation studies I had a growing interest on technical translation when I first learned about localisation. It was all behind a halo of mist where related information was scarce and it was not easy to find useful resources for a first glance at the subject.

With time I learned experience is something to share with colleagues and people with an interest on localisation. This is the main reason that motivated me to write articles on different related subjects for industry publications. Last March, I was an invited speaker at the Translation department of the University of Granada for a talk on localisation of multimedia courses.

Use the links below to read the articles and see the presentation for the talk.


Bytes and PCs - Localisation Focus, 2003. An overview to double byte character sets. PDF file - 287 Kb.
MetaTexis, la alternativa asequible - La linterna del traductor (in Spanish). CAT analysis and introduction to this tool. Online.
Localisation of multimedia courses - Flash presentation (in Spanish) - 129 Kb.
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