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Computer Aided Translation software

It is only a few years ago that translation memory broke into the localisation scene. Ever since, workflows and processes have dramatically adapted to make the best of this technology. Nowadays it is almost impossible to think of translation as part of the localisation process without using a translation memory tool. This is my own experience with CAT tools:



- Trados 7: Official certified Trados expert by Trados Benelux.

- Efficiently integrating Trados in localisation workflows
- Official product support lead for Spain
- Certified Trados trainer: currently delivering courses for corporate customers
- Design and development of an online training course both for freelance and corporate customers
- Trados solutions consultant
- Translation memory compatibility expert


- SDLX 2005: regular user of this tool.

- Translation of ITD files in Edit
- Trados and other CAT tools compatibility expert
- Integration of SDLX into localisation workflows
- Translation memory exchange


- MetaTexis: regular user of this tool.

- Localisation of the Spanish interface and website
- Tester of different builds
- Translation of multiple file formats
- Review of Metatexis in the online publication La linterna del traductor

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