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L10n - Localisation

Localisation engineering software

This is a description of localisation engineering software I have been working with over the past few years. Software and help systems require powerful tools during the localisation process.


- Alchemy Catalyst 5: Certified Alchemy Catalyst User - advanced level. For more than three years, I have been dealing with Catalyst projects: localising executables, .dll, .rc and .xml files. Common tasks include:

- .ttk creation
- File insertion
- Project analysis - capturing statistics
- Using the Experts: comparison, update, leverage, pseudo-translate, validate, and quickship
- Effectively managing strings: locking, freezing, setting max. length, changing status
- Compatibility with CAT tools: exporting / importing terminology
- Generating translation kits: Quickship expert
- Localised files extraction, validation and bug fixing: validate expert



- Macromedia Robohelp X5: compilation of help systems and documentation for desktop and web-based applications.

- Compiling help systems that include help topics, table of contents, index, glossary and context-sensitive help
- Running test compilation before localisation starts
- Identifying and preparing files for translation
- Localised help compilation
- Fixing possible topics errors



- HTML/Help QA: the industry standard for quality assuring online help systems and websites.

- Validation checks on source and translated RTF and HTML-based help files and Websites
- Using the visual compares and reports to fix localised files
- Running test compilation before localisation starts


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